IMEX Terminal

Description of available Services at the IMEX Terminal

Rail Terminal Access Service

  • provision of access by a Train into the IMEX Terminal;
  • allocation of the Train to a track for unloading and loading; and
  • facilitating the departure of a Train from the IMEX Terminal.

Rail Terminal Loading and Unloading Service

  • unloading of containers from wagons onto the ground or to a truck or an internal transfer vehicle in the IMEX Terminal;
  • internal transfer of containers within the IMEX Terminal;
  • short term container storage within the IMEX Terminal area including aggregation for further transport (for the period specified in clause 5.2(a) of the Standard Customer Agreement); and
  • loading of containers from a truck or an internal transfer vehicle onto the ground and loading containers from ground or storage area to Train wagons.

Truck Terminal Access Service

  • in-gate processing of trucks including collection of Customer booking information, inventory management of containers and notification by the Customer of the nature and description of the goods and other relevant information;
  • provision of access by a truck to the IMEX Terminal to collect or deliver a container;
  • out-gate processing of Trucks, including matching of release numbers to container numbers and integration of electronic information for ending possession of the container.